Metal Live Price Gold: $1,346.20 -1.55 Silver: $15.02 -0.05 Platinum: $807.15 0.25

1980 U.S. Mint Marian Anderson American Arts Gold Medallion

Before the Gold American Eagle came in to production, these beautiful coins were made to honor our A..


American Gold Eagle (1 ozt)

The American Gold Eagle was first released in 1986. The purity is 22 karat gold. American Eagle..


Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (1 ozt)

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was first manufactured in 1979 and is produced by the Royal Canadi..


Mexican Gold 50 Peso (Centenario)

United States of Mexico Gold 50 Peso was first issued in 1921 to commemorate the 100th ann..


The Austrian Gold Vienna Philharmonic (1 ozt)

The Austrian Gold Vienna Philharmonic was first manufactured in 1989. The purity is 24 karat go..


2014 W American Eagle 1 ozt Burnished Bullion Coin G$50 Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint

2014-W (West Point Mint) Gold American Eagle 1 troy ounce Burnished bullion coin. Coin is made of 31..


Vietnam .9999 Gold Bar 37.50 g (Mot Luong 1.2057 ozt)

Vietnam Mot Luong Gold Bar SealedTotal Gram Weight: 37.50 g (1.2057 ozt)Fineness: .9999 Fine Gold (2..


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