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Introducing a new generation of Coin Collectors

Does your child show an interest in collecting things? Is he or she looking for a new hobby? If so, then we’ve got the perfect activity: coin collecting! Not only will this provide a myriad of developmental boosts for your child, but it will also do a stellar job of keeping him or her out of trouble.

Get your kids involved in coin collecting

Because your little collector will always be researching about new coins found or obtained, there will be remarkable improvements to your child’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, and research skills.  Most importantly, Coin collecting is found to boost self-confidence from having something to be proud of.  For children, having an activity made up of small goals can do wonders for their self-esteem.  Another lesser-known but equally valuable lesson coin-collecting teaches is the appreciation for history and other cultures.  Globalizing your child at a young age will allow him or her to become more open-minded and accepting of different viewpoints early on.

How does my child start a collection?

First, and most importantly, help them decide what kind of collection they would like to start, whether that be pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. (the 50 states quarter collection is a great place to start!).  By having them focus on a specific collection, it will make those small goals much more realistic and attainable.  Once they have decided on their collection, buy them a book with a LOT of pictures.  Suggestions include publications like “Coin World” or “Coinage Magazine”.  These will help peak your child’s interest in collecting and set him down the road to become a great researcher! However, the most vital key for your newest little collector is to always be supportive. Happy hunting

  • Introducing a new generation of Coin Collectors