Metal Live Price Gold: $1,558.15 3.90 Silver: $18.05 0.04 Platinum: $1,024.35 16.55

Coins that are certified by a grading service are sealed into rectangular tamper-proof plastic capsules known as “slabs".


1815 P Capped Bust Quarter NGC AU Details Cleaned

  1815 Capped Bust Quarter  Total Mintage: 89,235 KEY DATEStruck at the Philadelphia ..


1873 $20 Gold Liberty Open 3 NGC AU58

  1873 Liberty Head $20 gold coin      Total Mintage: 1,500,900Struck at th..


1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63

1881-CC (Carson City Mint) 90% silver Morgan dollar. Has been graded an MS63 by PCGS. Certificate # ..


1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS64

US Morgan Dollar 1883-O Graded MS64 by NGC. NGC Cert 295540-092..


1884-0 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64

1884-0 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64  Certificate Number: 7154.64/7793665..


1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63

1885-O (New Orleans Mint) silver Morgan dollar. Graded an MS-63 by PCGS. Cert # 7162.63/7740855..


1886 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS63

1886 (Philadelphia Mint - No Mint Mark) Morgan silver dollar . Consist of 90% silver and 10% copper...


1886 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65

1886 U.S. silver Morgan dollar coin. Graded an MS-65 by PCGS. Cert # 7166.65/29774734...


1887 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS65

1887 (Philadelphia Mint) silver Morgan dollar made at the Philadelphia Mint. Consist of 90% silver a..


1897 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS64+

1897 Morgan silver dollar. Graded an MS64+ (Mint State 64+) by NGC. Certification #3912116-001..


1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64

1900-O (New Orleans Mint) silver Morgan dollar. Graded an MS-64 (Mint State 64) by PCGS. Cert # 7266..


1904 $20 Gold Liberty Head NGC MS63

1904 Liberty Head Double Eagle $20 gold coin      Total Mintage: 6,256,699Struck..


1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS VF20

   1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent Total Mintage: 484,000Struck at the San Francisco Mi..


1916-D Mercury Silver Dime ANACS G4

  1916-D Mercury Silver Dime Struck at the Denver MintTotal Mintage: 264,000The Key Date in the..


1952 50¢ Washington-Carver Silver Commemorative PCGS MS64

1952 Washington-Carver Silver Commemorative 50¢ graded MS64 by PCGS. This coin was minted in Philade..


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