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Uncertified coins are those that have not been certified by a third-party grading service such as PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) or NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.)


100 Different Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909-1958 and FREE Album

Buy a bag of 100 different wheat cents from 1909-1958 and receive a free Lincoln wheat cents album b..


1808 Classic Head Large Cent Penny 1¢ Good

1808 Classic Head large cent 1¢ penny. This large cent is un-certified but has been graded a Good (G..


1821 Capped Bust Large Date Dime Very Good

1821 Capped Bust large date silver dime. This dime has been graded a Very Good (VG) by our expert nu..


1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar Lettered Edge Square Base 2 EF

US Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge, Square Base 2 coin from 1827 in Extremely Fine condition...


1829 Large Cent Very Fine

US Large Cent 1829 in VF Condition..


1836 Capped Bust Dime Variety 2 Extremely Fine

US Capped Bust Dime coin 1836 Variety 2 in Extremely Fine condition..


1838 Large Cent Extremely Fine

US Large Cent 1838 in XF Condition..


1838-O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime Fine

1838-O (New Orleans Mint) Seated Liberty silver half dime. This coin has been graded a Fine (F) by o..


1843 Large Cent Almost Uncirculated

US Large Cent 1843 in AU..


1846 Large Cent 1¢ Braided Hair Matron Head VF

Beautiful 1846 Braided Hair, Matron Head Large Cent in Very Fine condition.This is a copper coin&nbs..


1848 Large Cent Almost Uncirculated

US Large Cent 1848. There are two marks, 1 under the eye and 1 across the cheek. Coin is in Almost U..


1853 Large Cent Almost Uncirculated

US Large Cent 1853 in AU condition, Small discoloration spot on the rim...


1856 Large Cent Almost Uncirculated

US Large Cent 1856 in AU Condition..


1857 Flying Eagle Cent Extremely Fine

US Flying Eagle Cent 1857 in XF Condition..


1857 Flying Eagle Small Cent 1¢ Penny

1857 Flying Eagle Small Cent 1¢ penny. Penny has been graded a VF (Very Fine) by our expert numismat..


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