Metal Live Price Gold: $1,640.10 -0.15 Silver: $14.66 -0.04 Platinum: $733.05 0.30

1821 Capped Bust Large Date Silver Dime VG RAW

   1821 Capped Bust large date silver dimeTotal Mintage: 1,186,512Struck at the Philadelph..

$113.99 $121.99

1836 Capped Bust Dime Small Type XF RAW

     1836 Capped Bust silver dimeTotal Mintage: 1,190,000Small Type Reduced SizeStruc..

$269.99 $285.99

1838-O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime F RAW

     1838-O Seated Liberty silver half dimeTotal Mintage: 70,000Key Date in the Serie..


1930 Mercury Head Dime w/Full Split Bands Gem BU

   1930 Mercury silver dimeTotal Mintage: 6,770,000Full Split BandsStruck at the Philadelp..

$299.99 $449.99

1945-S Mercury Head Dime Gem BU Full Split Bands

 1945-S Mercury silver dimeTotal Mintage: 41,920,000Full Split BandsStruck at the San Francisco..

$104.99 $116.99

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