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Numismatics is the study or collection of coins, medals, paper money, and related objects. While numismatists are often characterized as students or collectors of coins, the discipline also includes the broader study of money and other payment media used to resolve debts and the exchange of goods.

$5 WWII N Africa/Europe Emergency Currency Series 1934A FR2307 EF

$5 emergency silver certificate note that was used for payment to troops in Europe and North Africa...


100 Different Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909-1958 and FREE 1909-1940 Album

Buy a bag of 100 different wheat cents from 1909-1958 and receive a free Lincoln wheat cents 1909-19..


1808 Classic Head Large Cent Good RAW

   1808 Classic head large cent pennyTotal Mintage: 1,007,000Struck at the Philadelphia Mi..

$71.99 $104.99

1821 Capped Bust Large Date Silver Dime VG RAW

   1821 Capped Bust large date silver dimeTotal Mintage: 1,186,512Struck at the Philadelph..

$113.99 $121.99

1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar Square Base 2 Lettered Edge XF RAW

US Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge, Square Base 2 coin from 1827 in Extremely Fine condition...


1836 Capped Bust Dime Small Type XF RAW

     1836 Capped Bust silver dimeTotal Mintage: 1,190,000Small Type Reduced SizeStruc..

$269.99 $285.99

1838 Coronet Head Liberty Large Cent XF RAW

     1838 Coronet Head Liberty large centLarge Letters Matron Early Copper CentTotal ..


1838-O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime F RAW

     1838-O Seated Liberty silver half dimeTotal Mintage: 70,000Key Date in the Serie..


1843 Braided Hair Liberty Head Large Cent XF Details RAW

     1843 Braided hair Liberty head large centVariety: Petite Head, Large LettersTota..


1843-O $2.50 Gold Liberty XF RAW

   1843-O $2.50 Liberty Head gold coin Minted at the New Orleans MintFineness:.900 We..


1846 Braided Hair Matron Head Large Cent VF RAW

   1846 Braided hair Matron head large centTotal Mintage: 4,120,800Variety: Small DateStru..


1848 Braided Hair Liberty Head Large Cent AU RAW

     1848 Braided hair Liberty head large centTotal Mintage: 6,415,799Struck at the P..


1850 Liberty $10 Gold Coin Large Date VF RAW

     1850 $10 Liberty Head gold coin Minted at the Philadelphia MintFineness:.90..


1853 Large Cent Braided Hair Liberty Head RAW AU

   1853 Braided hair Liberty head large centTotal Mintage: 6,641,131Struck at the Philadel..


1854 Type II Liberty Head $1 Gold Coin VF RAW

    1854 Liberty head $1 gold coin Type II Coin - Scarce coin with only 783,953 ..


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