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Numismatics is the study or collection of coins, medals, paper money, and related objects. While numismatists are often characterized as students or collectors of coins, the discipline also includes the broader study of money and other payment media used to resolve debts and the exchange of goods.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent VF-35 RAW

   1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent Total Mintage: 484,000Struck at the San Francisco Mi..


1911-1915 San Francisco Mint Wheat Cent Pennies VF

   1911-1915 San Francisco Mint Wheat Cent Pennies Better Date Wheat Cent Pennies: 19..


1912-S Liberty V Nickel F RAW

1912-S Liberty V 5¢ nickelMinted at the San Francisco MintGraded a Fine (F) by our Expert Numismatis..


1913-S Buffalo Nickel Type II VG RAW

   1913-S Buffalo nickel coin Minted at the San Francisco Mint Type II Design - Buffalo St..


1914-D Buffalo Nickel VF RAW

   1914-D Buffalo nickel coin  Minted in the Denver MintMade of 75% Copper and 25% Ni..


1914-S Buffalo Nickel AU+ RAW

      1914-S Buffalo Nickel coin Minted in the San Francisco MintBeautiful Tonin..


1916-D Mercury Silver Dime ANACS G4

  1916-D Mercury Silver Dime Struck at the Denver MintTotal Mintage: 264,000The Key Date in the..


1917 Standing Liberty Quarter Type 1 VF RAW

    1917 Standing Liberty quarter coin Type I Coin - Bare Breasted Liberty Obverse/No..


1917-S Silver Washington Quarter Type 1 XF-40 RAW

   1917-S Washington QuarterStruck at the San Francisco MintType 1 Variety - Features Bare..


1921-S Lincoln Wheat Reverse Small Cent PCGS AU55

                  1921-S Lincoln wheat reverse sma..


1922 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Coin PCGS MS64

1922 $20 Liberty gold coinTotal Mintage: 1,375,500Struck at Philadelphia MIntwith MOTTO : Has "IN GO..


1922 Peace Dollar AU RAW

   1922 Silver Peace DollarStruck at the Philadelphia MintGraded an Almost Uncirculated (A..


1923-S Lincoln Wheat Reverse Small Cent PCGS AU55

    1923-S Lincoln wheat reverse small cent pennyStruck at the San Francisco MintGrad..


1924-S Standing Liberty Quarter XF RAW

     1924-S Standing Liberty quarter      Total Mintage: 2,860,00..


1927-S Walking Liberty Quarter VG10 RAW

  1927-S Standing Liberty quarterMinted at the San Francisco MintTotal Mintage: 396,000Designer..


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