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One Way to Check if Your Jewelry is FAKE

As jewelry buyers, we test items to make sure they are real before we purchase them. Therefore as sellers, we can ensure the quality of our pieces. Today we'll share our first step in checking the authenticity of gold, silver and platinum jewelry so that you can be confident in your purchases, as well.   
Gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic. We run a magnet along the jewelry-- if it's magnetic, it's not real. A very common misconception is that if the jewelry is marked, it's real. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Just because a piece is marked 18 karat, doesn't mean that it is. 
This is always the best way to sift through pieces to begin testing their authenticity.
It is okay for the clasps of jewelry to be magnetic-- this part of the piece generally contains base metal for added strength. 
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  • One Way to Check if Your Jewelry is FAKE