Metal Live Price Gold: $1,291.00 -2.20 Silver: $16.49 -0.05 Platinum: $901.05 -4.45

London coin Galleries of Mission Viejo offers a vintage collection of gently used silverware and Sterling Silver pieces.

Reed & Barton Sterling Shell Sugar Cube Tongs

Vintage Reed & Barton "Georgian Rose" sterling silver sugar cube tongs. 26 grams and about 4" long. ..


Reed & Barton"Burgundy" Butter Fork

Vintage sterling silver Reed & Barton butter fork. The fork is about 20 grams and about 5" long. In ..


Reed & Barton 'Intaglio' Spoon

Vintage Sterling Silver Reed & Barton 'intaglio' spoon. In great condition with minor scratching..


Reed & Barton Vintage Serving Spoon

Vintage sterling silver Reed & Barton serving spoon. The spoon weighs about 60 grams and is abou..


S. Kirk & Son 'Repousse" Table Spoon

Vintage S. Kirk & Son table spoon in 'repousse' style. Beautiful flower pattern. Spoon weighs ab..


S. Kirk & Son Sterling Set of Butter Knives

Set of sterling silver butter knives. The knives weighs about 54 grams together and are about 5 1/..


Set of 3 Sterling Silver Condiment Spoons

Set of 3 sterling silver mini condiment spoons. Together they weigh 9 grams and are each are 2 1/4" ..


Set of Gorham Sterling Silver Gumbo Spoon

Vintage sterling silver Gorham gumbo spoons. The spoons weighs about 20 grams each and are about 5" ..


Shreve & Co. Baby Spoon

Shreve & Co. baby spoon. Cute leaf branch design. Has "Kathryn Lee 4-20-24" monogrammed on bac..


Sterling by Frank M. Whiting & Company Urn

Unique urn vase with intricate handles on each side. Marked for Sterling by Frank M. Whiting & Compa..


Sterling Silver "Malcolm" Baby Spoon

Sterling Silver baby spoon. The spoon weighs about 14  grams and is about 4 3/4 " long. Engraved ..


Sterling Silver Baby Fork

Sterling Silver baby spoon. The spoon weighs about 13.4  grams and is about 5 3/4" long. In good co..


Sterling Silver Baby Spoon

Vintage Reed & Barton sterling silver solid bon bon spoon pierced spoon. Spoon is in great vint..


Sterling Silver Cocktail Spoon

Sterling Silver Cocktail Spoon. The spoon weighs about 13.4  grams and is about 5 3/4" long. In goo..


Sterling Silver Ladle

Vintage sterling silver serving ladle. The spoon measures 6 1/2 inches long and weighs 54.3 grams...


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