Is your child interested in coin collecting? London Coin Galleries of Mission Viejo offers a wide collection of coin albums, books, and items for them to get started.

100 Different Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909-1958 and FREE Album

Buy a bag of 100 different wheat cents from 1909-1958 and receive a free Lincoln wheat cents album by H.E. Harris & Co. FREE!!  

A Bank In A Book Coin Count-Y Coin Album and Saver

Kids can save over $20.00 as they fill the coin slots on these pages. Children learn the value of each coin as they build early math skills. They can follow the savings path from the Penny Candy Shop to the Five and Ten Cents Store, to the Quarter Quarry, and finally to the Dollar Roundup, where they'll discover many ways...

Coin Collecting For Kids Starter Album

This collector's Book and coin album introduces you to the fascinating and valuable hobby of collecting coins. Learn about the Mint, twentieth century, and explore the world of early money and learn about U.S. history. Join the craze and collect the 50 state quarters, Westward Journey nickel series, and the Presidential $1 coins!

National Park Quarters Collector Map Album

Build your own historic collection of 56 National Park quarters that includes all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories!