Coins that are certified by a grading service are sealed into rectangular tamper-proof plastic capsules known as “slabs".


1874 Shield Nickel 5¢ PCGS MS65

1874 Shield Nickel 5¢ with beautiful luster. This coin was minted in Philadelphia with a composition of 25% Nickel and 75% Copper. Graded an MS65 by PCGS with certification # 3803.65/22002646. 

1876-CC Trade Dollar PCGS Genuine, Cleaning VF Details

US Trade Dollar 1876-CC Graded Genuine, Cleaning VF Details by PCGS. PCGS Cert 7042.92/31773749

1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar $1 PCGS MS64

1878-CC (Carson City Mint) 90% silver Morgan dollar. Has been graded an MS64 by PCGS. Certificate # 7080.64/11350734.  

1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Brilliant Uncirculated

US Morgan Dollar 1878-S Graded Brilliant Uncirculated by NGC. NGC Cert 349432-056

1879-S Morgan Silver $1 NGC MS65

US Morgan Dollar 1879-S Graded MS65 by NGC. NGC Cert 560259-011

1879-S Morgan Silver $1 NGC MS67

US Morgan Dollar 1879-S Graded MS67 by NGC. NGC Cert 1811685-035